How do you differentiate yourself from your competition?

How do you win over the hearts and minds of your audience?

How do you express your brand’s attributes, culture & philosophy in a way that is meaningful and memorable? 

Branding is an attitude, a face, a way of thinking and acting that allows you to gain loyalty, trust and to forge a true connection with your audience. ThinkPenny brings together a powerful combination of smart strategic thinking, creativity, and technical skill to build your brand in the minds and hearts of people. We do it with words. We do it with imagery. We do it with valuable & tangible truths about your brand, uniquely expressed to engage and motivate-to evoke emotion and to connect with your audience in a powerful way. This can change behaviors. 

And hopefully, along the way, we can make the world a more beautiful place. 


Brand Strategy

Brand Assessment
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Brand Planning

Brand Identity

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Brand Messaging
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Corporate Identity
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The first crucial step in the creative development process is developing a targeted strategy. A clearly defined strategy serves as the starting point and roadmap for everything else that follows. Working closely with our clients and through conversations, research, discovery and planning we craft a platform to bring your brand to life. Here we define your unique positioning and differentiation that allows the true essence of the brand to shine through and deliver value to your company and to your consumers.

Whether evolving an existing brand look & feel, or crafting a new identity, our approach to brand development is guided by a highly analytical process. Our writers and designers work hand-in-hand to develop an identity that defines your brands unique personality, differentiates it from their competition, and makes a lasting impression your audience. This brand personality is what allows your customer to think "Yes, that's me." You're my kind of entity and I like you. It's the initial step of creating brand love.

We combine innovative thinking, powerful visuals, compelling stories and high level craftsmanship & production to create meaningful, effective brand experiences. Whether we’re creating a launch campaign with print, outdoor and radio, designing a retail packaging system or developing a new website, we extend the same passion and best-in-class principles for a consistent, memorable and compelling, brand experience. Through consistency of brand personality, tone and messaging we can instill long-term loyalty and inspire your audience to embrace your brand.