"We have partnered with the ThinkPenny team on a number of large scale communications.
ThinkPenny is our "go to" firm when we need something truly special. The amazing output always
dazzles our audience. We have used Judy and Remy for Board Presentations, CEO Keynotes and
our annual Leadership Summits. In addition, they have done internal branding work for us.

The team at ThinkPenny are true partners and always exceed our expectations - which is pretty tough.
They are also very fun to work with, we can't wait to use them again. And, did I mention their ability to
produce under unreasonable deadlines!"

Cindy Camarata
Global Organization Design & HR, Deckers Brands

"Having worked with all kinds of agencies in my career, I have developed a list of qualities
that make for my most successful creative partnership and the ThinkPenny team has them all.
Highly creative, generous collaborators, egoless storytellers with a unique multi-cultural perspective,
razor-sharp strategists, artists, responsive problem solvers with not a hint of arrogance, ever.
Super great people, I really enjoy working with them!"

Stephanie Shriver-Engdahl
Vice President, Forest City

"ThinkPenny Branding & Design's outstanding work raises the bar for presentations in my field
of expertise at global dermatology & pharmaceutical conferences. I present the latest scientific
developments of leading entities to large peer groups of doctors and researchers from around the
world. ThinkPenny's innovative & impactful creative work has brought my vision to life every time
with insight, intelligence and style. A great team to work with."

Dr. Erin Gilbert
Board Certified Dermatologist, Merz / Allergan / Pierre Fabre Laboratories Consultant

"I was recommended by a strong leader in our industry to use the ThinkPenny team to
"change our image". In turn, our team did just that, from designing our logo, corporate identity,
corporate advertising and other much needed work. The response from our clients about the
rebranding was very positive as it gave us the upscale look that we're about. Especially being in
the watch and jewelry business. We are very happy and grateful to ThinkPenny for giving our
company image a makeover and a lasting feel good look."

Indru Dadlani
Director, Casa de Oro, Jamaica

"Once again, we all made the magic happen. It was another incredible event and the
ThinkPenny team was key in making it happen. Your work looked awesome as usual.
Thanks again for your brilliance, responsiveness, and hard work. You are such a great
partner, always step up and deliver a great product."

Scott Lochridge
Deckers Outdoor Corporation

"Love our partnership - you are such smart strategists and brilliant creatives! A joy to work with."

Jane Lisy
Sr. Vice President of Marketing, Forest City

"ThinkPenny Branding has been a perfect partner to Celebrity Jet for the past 8 years.
The team has consistently developed high-end strategy, advertising, internet marketing,
and direct mail that has positioned us as a leader in our field. They are always accessible,
responsive and dedicated to deliver best-in-class marketing.  And always with a smile!”

Dennis B. Adams
President / CEO, Celebrity Jet

After working with ThinkPenny for a few years, there quickly comes a point where you realize
you can't live without them. Over the years, ThinkPenny has designed everything from text-blasts
to billboards for us, reaching out to an incredibly diverse audience. They have designed
award-winning creative, last minute story boards and patiently sat through countless meetings
to help us brainstorm campaigns. There is no better feeling than facing those challenges with a
team like this in your back pocket.

For me, it's a rare and beautiful thing when I can hand off a project with full confidence that it will
be completed above expectation, every time. ThinkPenny invests themselves in your business as
much as you do, giving you peace of mind that you're not alone. If you're a perfectionist who believes
in brand power and needs support that meets your high level of expectation, ThinkPenny is
ABSOLUTELY your only choice.

Michael P. Keane
President, Aqua Shop, The Longboard Co.